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Established in 2018, PGC provides quality home renovations and accessory builds from Elkford to Jaffray that will create the look and feel of your dream home.


With over a decade of experience working in carpentry and welding in Fernie, Pat Grenier established PGC in 2018 as a one-man renovation and remodeling service. PGC works with a range of local skilled tradespeople of different disciplines to deliver a remodel service to our clients, so they can love where they live, year round.

PGC creates custom home renovations and accessory builds for residential and vacation homeowners from Elkford to Jaffray. With his background in Fernie’s construction and renovation sector, Pat Grenier is not only an industry expert, but an expert at creating builds that tick all the permitting and design requisites for a home in the mountains.

PGC will take your space and revitalize it to produce the home you’ve always envisioned. We offer quality, durable renovations and builds, applying the best solutions to deliver to the highest standards.

At PGC, our goal is to help you love your home again by making your space work for you.

PGC can manage parts or all aspects of your project (from start to finish), organizing our internal team and sub-trade partners to deliver a streamlined build or renovation. We provide advisory services and quality home renovations that will help create the look and feel of your dream home:

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